PE /Occupational Health and Safety

PE /Occupational Health and Safety

Polyethylene (PE) shields

Polyethylene (PE) is a popular construction material widely used in many industries. Polyethylene products are resistant to low temperatures, salt solutions, acids and alkaline agents. Various types of polyethylene have different properties, including sliding properties (PE1000) or chemical resistance. PE 1000 sheets have the highest degree of material hardness, thanks to which they can be used in very demanding conditions.

Polyethylene (PE100) shields

Their main advantage is low weight and quick assembly. The PE shields are perfect for use in highly corrosive environments. They are also a response to high occupational health and safety standards for the protection of working environment. Our shields allow the user to forget about the maintenance and to spend the time and money saved on production processes, while maintaining continuity of operation and safety of  equipment. Especially recommended for the protection of machinery and rotating equipment. Our shields have inspection window hinge locks that prevent opening by bystanders as well as ventilation slots that allow for heat dissipation. The shields are yellow, similar to RAL1033. They meet high standards of occupational health and safety. At the client’s request, we can produce black shields. Upon special request, we may offer blue shields – available in case of high production volume. Individual orders – we invite you to cooperation.

PE machine shields

TWS Zone

PE pulley shields

The PE pulley shields allow for securing access to pulley and chain wheel assemblies, while enabling their revision (inspection window secured with a hinge lock), and providing ventilation. Lightweight construction, simple installation and durable protection with no need for surface maintenance.

PE coupling shields

The PE coupling shields allow for protection of access to coupling assemblies. Lightweight design, simple installation and durable protection with no need for surface maintenance.


PE drive shields

The PE drive shields allow for securing access to drives and rotating parts, while allowing for their revision (inspection window secured with a hinge lock – meeting the occupational health and safety requirements), and providing ventilation. The PE shields for drives and rotating parts are characterized by lightweight construction, simple assembly and durability of protection with no need for surface maintenance. We are able to make a product of almost every design you order. We invite you to contact us in order to jointly develop a design that would meet your individual needs.


PE / BHP Zone

PE1000 products zone

This plastic (PE1000) is a non-weldable material. Its connection requires technical solutions resulting from the construction or it needs mechanical connections by screws. The most popular PE1000 elements are slide rails, protective profiles, elements of conveyor systems or elements of mechanical structures.

PE sieves

Our sieves are used in the environments where you need to separate a medium with highly abrasive properties. We make sieves of different types and mesh sizes. Apart from the standard circular mesh, it is possible to use a square mesh with a conical profile, enabling easier discharge of a medium.

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